Housecall Veterinarian

Lee Fike, D.V.M.


St Francis Veterinary Group is a housecall practice for dogs and cats in Tucson, Arizona.

If you would like to make an appointment, please call 271-7660.

If your pet has an emergency problem that won't wait, contact one of the Emergency Clinics listed near the bottom of the page.

**Important Client Information** -- Please follow this link for information that may affect you.

I provide vaccines and routine health care, care for sick dogs and cats, euthanasias, and other veterinary services, all in your own home... Click here to read more about what's available.

Housecalls are more convenient for many people...Click here to read more about the advantages of a housecall practice.

Surgery, x-rays, and hospitalization are the three main things that can't be done during the housecall; arrangements are made for these services with a nearby veterinary hospital...Click here to read more about housecalls.

I've been in practice for 24 years...Click here to read more about Dr. Fike.

If you are having an Emergency and you cannot reach me, then you should call one of these 24 hour emergency clinics.

Click here for a map of Tucson showing all the 24 hour emergency clinics

"If God can work through me, he can work through anyone." -- St. Francis of Assisi

Contact Lee Fike, (520) 271-7660

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