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Here is a partial list of the services that the St Francis Veterinary Group House Call Practice can provide.

1. Preventative health care, including physical examination, vaccines, heartworm testing and prevention, fecal analysis for parasites, testing for Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, as well as all other preventative health services.

2.All kinds of internal medicine issues are treatable in the home, including

  • Eye, ear, nose and throat problems. (Mojo, at right, has a healthy and very inquisitive nose.)
  • Heart and respiratory problems, coughing, sneezing, Valley Fever testing and treatment.
  • Digestive and urinary problems -- vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty with urination, etc.
  • Skin disease - allergies, itching, poor coats, infections, hair loss, etc.
  • Hormonal disorders - hypothyroidism, diabetes, and others.
  • Lamenesses, difficulty walking.
  • Neurology, including pain evaluation and treatment.
  • Oncology - cancer diagnosis and treatment.

3.Minor wounds, scrapes, burns, bee and scorpion stings.


5.Microscopy, including evaluation of any abnormal masses or discharges, germ identification in infected ears and skin, and microscopic evaluation of blood, urine, and stool.

All laboratory services (aka "clinical pathology") are available, including blood tests, urinalysis, cultures, fluid analysis, and biopsies.

6. Health certificates for airline travel.

(Be sure to check with your airline for any additional requirements they may have beyond a health certificate -- some require an acclimatization certificate from the vet, some will require certain types of pet carriers, some require that you provide in-flight food and water, etc.)

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